Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Hollywood Kitty Small Animal

Hollywood Kitty Company has been working on creating several designs for hamsters, gerbils, mice, and other rodents.  We are currently developing a unique series called "Hammy-Town".  The concept of the houses is fruits and vegetables and other food items that have been converted into what look like actual houses, with doorways, porches, windows, chimneys, etc.

We are also developing a few different sizes of an interesting hamster exercise climbing tower which are called "Hamster Ribbon Trees".  These designs will probably be the first that we will complete and begin to produce.

Also, we are developing a "Hamster Dollhouse" with 3 interior levels and several cozy rooms for hamsters and other smaller rodents to enjoy.  When completed, the house will disassemble into parts for easy cleaning.  The parts will slide together after cleaning and will require no screws or tools to take apart or put together.  Our aim is to design these products to be very enjoyable for the pets and their pet parents.

To see our "Hammy-Town" designs, please check out

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